Mittwoch, 25. Juni 2014

Quoted Identifiers in Oracle

The default setting of Oracle's Data Modeler is to generate a DDL file without quoted identifier. This involves the danger of name collisions. It is not possible to call a table "TABLE", because "TABLE" is an identifier of the data definition language. The list of standard identifiers is quite long and the list of vendor specific extensions is much longer. It is impossible to know all identifiers to prevent name collisions. But it is quite simple to avoid any name collisions by quoting the identifiers. If you use quoted identifiers you do not need to care any longer about identifiers.

The following screen shot shows where to enable quoted identifiers in Oracle's Data Modeler.

But you have to consider MySQL's incompatibility. MySQL conforms not to the SQL standard. The SQL standard specifies that quoted identifiers must be quoted with a double quote. But MySQL uses back quotes instead to quote an identifier.

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