Donnerstag, 11. Juli 2013

Renaming inheritance relations with Rhino in Oracle´s SQL Data Modeler

The default naming rule for inheritance relations is a simple enumeration.

  • Hierarchy_1
  • Hierarchy_2
  • and so on...

Recently I had the problem to clean up an existing model. This can be done by hand but it is a very annoying job. Oracle´s SQL Data Modeler includes Mozillas Rhino engine to perform automatic tasks on the model. It is much more convenient to unify the relation names by a script. The following script does the job.

var entities = model.getEntitySet().toArray();
for (var e = 0; e < entities.length; e++) {
    var entity = entities[e];
    if (entity.isInheriting()) {
        var relation = entity.getInheritanceRelation();
        var source = relation.getSourceEntity().getName();
        var target = relation.getTargetEntity().getName();
        relation.setName(source + "_" + target + "_ih");

The new names are created by the name of the source entity and the name of the target entity separated by an underline and suffixed by "ih".

The documentation of the classes and methods available from JavaScript is quite limited. But the file datamodeler/xmlmetadata/doc/index.html in the Data Modeler package list all of them and it is possible to use the debugger repl to test their functionality.

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