Dienstag, 27. November 2012

Long Term Evolution Next Generation (LTENG)

Nowadays there is almost no web site without any Facebook, Twitter, Google, "Fuck my brain" or what else button. Those buttons are implemented by loading JavaScript APIs and images. After loading the APIs the code gets executed and does itself some TCP connections maybe even with TLS encryption to load additional data like the number of bone heads which already pawed the button. In the end you have about a dozen network connections for every single page significantly slowing down what you really want to see.

But there is a solution for the global network pollution: Adblock. Let us pray to the god of the Internet to thank him for giving us the Internet litter service.

After you have done this you should consider doing it just again.

Next we can customize the Adblock with the following URLs:

Now we can lay back and enjoy the new Internet speed boost. I call it Long Term Evolution Next Generation™.

Feel free to like it. But do not tell anybody about. Nobody wants to know it.

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